Windows to the Soul -- Fortaleza, Brazil

Joy -- Fortaleza, Brazil

Bright Eyes - Fortaleza, Brazil

Coral and Waves -- Fortaleza, Brazil

Portuguese Neo-Colonial, Praia do Futuro, Brazil

Neo-Colonial Villa -- Praia do Futuro, Brazil

Pink Church -- Ceará, Brazil

Northeast -- Ceara, Brazil

Reflections -- Ceará , Brasil

Beira Mar -- Fortaleza, Brazil

Flexible - Fortaleza -- Ceará, Brasil

Sunset - Fortaleza, Brazil

Late Afternoon - Ceará, Brazil

Bird's-Eye View - Ceará, Brasil

Fire Sky - Quixadá, Brasil

Uma Flor da Serra -- Ceará, Brazil

Cactus -- Ceará, Brazil

Paz -- Ceará, Brazil

Fishing Boat - Salvador, Brazil

Praia do Forte -- Bahia, Brazil

Mercado Central - Salvador, Brazil

Office of the Arts -- Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil

Baihana - Salvador, Brazil

Bahiana -- Itaparica Island, Brazil

Azul -- Salvador, Brazil

Love -- Salvador, Brazil

Ponte das Pedres - Santarém, Brazil

Without Walls - Santarém, Brazil

Cows at Sundown -- Tapajos River, Pará - Brazil

Flower and Butterfly -- Belém, Brazil

Cabana Series 1 -- Pará, Brazil

Cabana Series 2 -- Pará, Brazil

Cabana Series 3 -- Pará, Brazil

Cabana Series 4 - Santarém, Brazil

Amazon & Tapajos Rivers -- Santarém, Brazil

Fisherman Series (1) -- Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Fisherman Series (3) -- Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Fisherman Series (2) -- Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Fisherman Series (4) -- Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Fisherman Series (5) -- Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Sunset over the Tapajos River -- Santarém, Brazil

Hammocks - Santarém, Brazil

Two for Tea - Belém, Brazil

Innovation - Monte Alegre, Brazil

Focus - Belém, Brazil

The More the Merrier -- Belém, Brazil

Blue and Green - Manaus, Brazil

Frutas -- Manaus, Brazil

Mushrooms of the Amazon -- Manaus, Brazil

Uma Casa da Terra - Maranhão, Brazil

Adriano -- Maranhão, Brazil

Old Leather - Maranhão, Brazil

Blue Boat -- Maranhão, Brazil

Tres Amigos - Maranhão, Brazil

Brazilian Soul -- Marinhão, Brazil

Sandals -- Maranhao, Brazil

Headstrong -- Maranhão, Brazil

Innocence -- Maranhão, Brazil

Waterways -- Venice, Italy

Mother Mary -- Vilnius, Lithuania

Cityscape-- Prague, Czech Republic

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Red Square -- Moscow, Russia

Edge of the Fjord -- Bergen, Norway

Rooftops -- Bergen, Norway

Arctic Ocean -- Bodo, Norway

Arctic Cabin -- Bodo, Norway

Rural Norway

Summerhouse -- Skagen, Denmark

Lighthouse -- Skagen, Denmark

Stonehenge -- England

Buckingham Palace -- London, England

Tower Bridge -- London, England

Bath, England

Bagpiper -- Edinburgh, Scotland

Green House - Kaoshung, Taiwan

Confuscian Temple - Tainan, Taiwan

Details - Tainan, Taiwan

Dragon -- Taiwan, R.O.C.

Clay Wall Engraving - Tianan, Taiwan

Chichenitza -- Yucatan, Mexico

Coneflower -- Lake Placid, New York

George Washington Bridge -- New York City

Autumn Tree -- Delaware Gap, Pennsylvania

Chinatown -- San Francisco, California

Northern Coast -- California

Point Reyes -- California

Heidi -- Sacramento, California

Freckles -- Sacramento, California

Solo -- Bushkill Falls, Pennsylvania

Tree in Mist -- Keane Valley, NY

Black and White Gallery


Cloisters -- New York City

Snow in Sepia -- Linden, New Jersey

The Netherlands Framed

Iguana -- Ceara, Brazil

Simple -- Praia do Futuro, Brazil

Clouds in Black & White -- Ceará, Brazil

Architecture - Belém, Brazil

Three Trees -- Mamaroneck, New York
Hi! I'm Jen Summerhays. Thanks for browsing my gallery. I hope you enjoyed my art.
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